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Is she blowing me off and not wanting to talk to me?

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Author Topic: Is she blowing me off and not wanting to talk to me?  (Read 1208 times)

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« on: October 01, 2009, 04:34:32 pm »

There is this girl I used to talk with alot a long time ago, back when I was 17 actually. I am 24 now. it was a long distant relationship so of course in the end it just didn't work out. Me and her spoke for about a year and then we gradually stopped talking. so a few years later we got in touch in again and we would often just have small talk about what we been up to and such. but we no longer had any romantic interest in each other. She told me she lived with this guy for 2 years but he was nothing but a lazy bum and had a kid and that she was the one that took care of them. but they broke up because apprantly he was cheating on him, anyway, here are some of our chat logs from this year. I included the dates

Me: Yo Anne
Her: Aaron hey what are you doing
Me: <3 Kicking back and drinking
Me: <3 just got back...
Me:<3 I am so buzzed Tongue
Me:<3 what you been up to?
Her: me too! well i'm actually drunk but it's cool
Me: I doubt that if you can type to me just fine
Me: Not a single grammer error there
Her: lol no seriously i'm just that good.
Her: i nkow where they keys
Her: are
Her: and i don't have to look Tongue
Me: same here lol but can't think straight if you are drunk Tongue
Me: So how is life going for you Annie?
Me: lol
Her: ehh true true maybe i should say i'm coming down fromb eing drunk
Her: i'm doing pretty good i guess working too much
Me: sucks when you have too much work
Me: I know the feeling
Her:so what about you
Me: Life should be more fun
Her: tell me about it
Me: I moved a month ago to Rocklin. I am doing alright
Me: Still on my own
Me: Also taking a break from dating. most women can be a pain =/
Her: tell me about it!
Her: Aaron lol
Me: No thanks
Her: i did'ntg mean you really had tro
Her: Aaron to*
Me: You have a boyfriend right?
Me: or was living with a boyfriend
Her: i was. i left him in feb.
Her: he was cheating on me
Me: oh my god...
Me: That idiot!
Me: X_X
Me: I can't believe he would cheat on YOU!
Me: you are so perfect
Me: XD
Me: what a fool
Her: i know. it's sad...and thank youi
Her: it really stinks but he wouldn't get a job and i supported him and his two kids for two years. i couldn't take anymore of it
Me: So who do you live with now?
Her: my parents it's sad.
Me: Nah Tongue
Me: That never did bother me
Me:3 I know I live alone and all but I don't care if somebody lives with there parents
Her: yeah at least i get to save money
Me: Yep lol
Me: a huge plus side to the situation
4/25/2009 11:30:48 PM Annie Christine <3 Aaron yeah
Me: You are so cute in that picture. every year you get more and more beautiful
Her: well thank you i really can't believe we've known each other for that many years
Me: Yeah that's crazy
Me: I've known you since I was in high school
Me: seemed like forever ago
Me: We never did spoke on the phone though
Me: just text wise
Her: no we talked once
Me: we have?
Me: you mean on the computer?
Me: with our mics?
Her: no i actually called you once and your mom answered
Me: oh yeah...
Me: that doesn't count. we didn't spoke over the phone Tongue
Me: my mom had that honor
Her: oh yeah you were at work or something. well crap
Me: Yeah
Me: Mcdonalds
Me: lol
Me: hey do you still talking to Morgan?
Me: *talk
Her: no i haven't talekd to her in years
Me:Same here
Me: we stopped coming on MSN
Me: well, I did change my email. not sure if I added her on this one
Me: but it's been years
Me: I guess I don't really care anymore
Me: but she has grown up so much
Me: she looks way different than when I first spoke to her
Her: yeah she does she's grown up
Me: We used to talk alot though. lol
Me: Then she stopped coming on.
Me: I think I still have her on my myspace
Me: somewhere...
Me: lol
Me:i have like 170 friends.
Me: on myspace
Me:she is probably buried in there somewher
Her: lol
Her: i think i have around there too
Me: huh?
Me: you have what around where?
Her: people on myspace
Me: oh
Me: lol
Me:Would you agree that myspace is a good way to find old friends?
Her: yeah
Me: lol
Me: it has helped me find some old friends
Me: most of them live elsewhere now =/
Her: yeah

Me: Hey Anne
Her: hey how are you doing
Me: not too bad. what about you? looks like you just passed some test Tongue
Her: oh yeah....i am not a qualified medication aide. i can pass meds
Her: i am a*****
Me: I see
Her: i'm not a cna
Me:you passed yet you are not a Certifiled Nursing Assistant? =/
Me: I am a tad confused
Me: *Certified
Her: i'm already a cna....but i just passed my qma test today....
Me: oh!
Me: ok
Me: so besides taking a test what else did you do today?
Her: Aaron nothing at all lol
Her: did my hair
Me: you did your hair by doing nothing?
Me: It's magic
Her: lol
Her: i know
Me: so what are you doing?

later that day
Me: hi again.
Me: Hey Annie
Her: hey what are you doing
Me: laying on my bed. soo comfy
Me: what you been up to?
Me: Annie?

Me: Hey beautiful
Her: hey, what are you doing
Me: the hell are you doing in that display? whats with that face?
Me: :S
Me: and I just woke up
Her: lol i dunno i just made the face hold on i'll get a better one
Me: Ah there we go. thats the beautiful Annie that I know
Her: lol
Her: thank you
Her: how are you doing
Me: I'm doing alright. what has been going on with you?
Her: just working alot
Her: my dad just went to afgahastan
Me: How come?
9/25/2009 10:33:47 AM Annie Christine <3 Aaron he wanted to lol
Me: I see.....
Me: what is out there for him?
Her: 100,000 dollars
Her: Aaron lol
Me: Hmm

Me: Hey Annie, I got a cell phone recently. Do you want my number?
Annie: I don't care
Me: lol I am going to need a yes or no answer Tongue

She never responded. I waited but eventually she went offline....

Me: Hey Annie poo
Her: hey what are you doing
Me: My neck is killing me
Her: what from
Me: I don't know..
Me: walking apprantly
Me: lol
Me: Hey, do you ever talk to Morgan anymore?
Her: Aaron not really. do you
Me: when was the last time you talk to her?
Her: Aaron not sure
Me: I see
Me: So, what are you up to nowadays?
Me:you in a relationship? Tongue
Her: hold on

Ok so waited and waited but she never got back to me. her statues said away at first but than it didn't and she still didn't get back to me even though I know she came back on. then I said

Me: is everything ok?

But she never got back to me..

So i am a bit confused now, why would she blow me off like that? what could her reason be? we would both close at one point and I know me and her drifted apart but I was really hoping to get close to her again as an online buddy. because me and her used to talk and I wanted to talk to her again, but now it seems she is blowing me off, why is she doing this??
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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2009, 03:40:57 pm »

wow dude. I don't know. Sorry.
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