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 on: May 10, 2009, 04:32:33 pm 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by wizer
I never quite understood how a person can believe in nothing. I accept it, but don't understand it.

You can't understand how someone cannot believe in a higher power, or just not believe in anything?

I believe in stuff! I do!

The earth around us, the sky above us, the universe all around's there, it's real, it's part of our lives.

I just don't believe some dude with powers created all of it.

I don't.

 on: May 10, 2009, 04:06:20 pm 
Started by Aaron20b - Last post by wizer
Hey Aaron,

Nice to see you around here.

From what you posted here it sounds like she's confused about a few things regarding word censoring, add to that she's probably in contact with several she probably needs a reminder of who you are and you may need to be a bit persistent.

Yeah it's a fine line between being persistent and pushy and even stalkerish, but she's said nothing (that you posted here) that shows she isn't interested in you.

I say keep after it. Just don't overdo it..a message every couple of days or so until you see what kind of response you're getting.

 on: May 10, 2009, 04:02:53 pm 
Started by Aaron20b - Last post by Aaron20b
contact her myself in the future.

Awhile back ago on this site called "" which is a dating site. this girl contacted me saying she wanted to get to know me or whatever. we exchanged a few messages back and forth and she was quick to reply to my messages. we eventually exchanged emails and started talking on MSN. she wanted to meet up fairly quickly but I felt it was too soon and told her I would let her know when we can meet up. she seemed really interested. so about 2 weeks later I finally decided that I wanted to meet her, but when I talked to her she said she was dating another guy and that she was really into him and that she was really sorry and felt kinda bad, I told her that I really wanted her but said she couldn't since her boyfriend probably wouldn't like that. So we stopped talking awhile..

9 months later on myspace she posted on a blog saying that she broke up with her boyfriend and that it was tearing her apart. I sent her a message saying how has been and she replied saying she just broke up with her boyfriend. shortly after she deleted me on myspace. I am guessing at the time she didn't want any other guys talking to her right now since she was a wreck so I didn't take it too personally...

a few weeks later she sends me a message on "plentyoffish" saying

"I don't know if you remember me. Sorry I haven't like talked to you in a long time. I've just been trying to get over my recent break up. I would really like to chat and get to know you again if thats okay."

So I said

"Perhaps. I don't come on here much anymore. So talk me on myspace or MSN. "

which was true I don't come on that much. but apprantly for some weird reason, if you say myspace in a message on plentyoffish. it will just say "spam" so saw the message as.

""Perhaps. I don't come on here much anymore. So talk me on spam or MSN.""

but i didn't realize it till later, I thought it was just an error I made, I sent her another one saying..

""I didn't mean to say spam I meant to say spam lol.

but speaking of spam I contacted you on spam and you deleted me ""

she replied with

"Whats spam??? I only have MSN and I its been really glitchy on profiles and sorry if I don't respond quickly. I have got finals next week and work like crazy the next couple of weeks.?

when I saw this, that is when I realized it was replacing "myspace" with "spam" so I decided to send her 1 more message to clear it up

" how odd everytime I say "m y s p a c e" it comes out as "spam" for some reason X_X

but yeah on myyspaace I send a you message. you repled then you deleted me "

she read this but didn't reply, I waited 2 days but still no reply so I send her another message saying

" If you want to contact me. My new msn is *my email*

What have you been up to? =) "

she read this but didn't reply, now I am really confused. If she doesn't want to talk why would she come to me in the first place? was it because my messages seemed weird when plentyoffish was replacing "myspace" with"spam?" I don't get it, does she not have time to reply? and why didn't she add me on msn yet? should I take this personally? I don't know what to think.

 on: May 10, 2009, 11:41:14 am 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by dockster
Hi GoodWitch,

Admittedly I'm having some difficulty responding to your comment.

I believe your inference is that an atheist believes in nothing.

Clearly that  is not the case. I can't imagine an individual with a working mind that doesn't believe in something. Actually a lot of somethings.

The last line of my post suggests that the atheist believes in "logic, reason and knowledge which produces the foundation for their value system".

Does that not define a basis for belief?

To use a classic example.

The religious Christian, Fundamentalist and Creationists for example,  believe that as written in Genesis. The earth, and all life upon it was created in six days, by a God..some 6000 years ago.   

The atheist believes the earth is 4.5 billions of years of age as established by cosmologists and astrophysicists, and that life upon the earth appeared some 3.5 billions of years ago. Further, as  determined by biologists and geneticists, living things are still in the process evolving, and have reached the present forms as we observe world wide today.

To the atheist, no God or gods are involved in any way.

Does that difference in opinion, define the atheist as having a belief in nothing?

As mentioned  earlier, I'm always open to other's points of view.


 on: May 09, 2009, 08:52:22 pm 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by GoodWitch
I never quite understood how a person can believe in nothing. I accept it, but don't understand it.

 on: May 09, 2009, 05:56:39 pm 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by dockster
Hi again,

Being careful to avoid the quagmire of semantics?

My definition of an atheist is someone who does not subscribe to, or support, nor believe in, any God, god, deities, or supernatural beings of any sort, or the systems with which they are usually associated.

As to whether atheism is a "belief system"?

I would take issue with the word system. There exists no system. If anything the atheist is expressing noting more complicated than,  disbelief.

There is no system of belief required,  nor inferred here.

The atheist simply has no interest in, nor is involve in any way with, "worship" of a deity, nor the "religions" usually connected to them.

I have, of course, over the years,  heard many diverse points of view on this topic.   

One of the more prevalent, for example,  is the accusation that Atheism is actually a form of religion.

I believe, nothing could be further from the truth.

That concept, projected toward the atheist, usually by a religious person or persons,  is the very antithesis of the atheist's  attitude and perspective. 

In my experience, if atheists, in any of the vaguest possible links,  share any form of commonalty, it is their  dependence upon logic, reason and knowledge which produces the foundation for their value system, and exclusive of the emotional influences, nothing else.

I'm always open to other's points of view. 

 on: May 09, 2009, 02:41:04 pm 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by Fine Point
Hi fleamailman,

Very good and thank you for adding that quote. 

Hi Dockster,

The blog was indeed written in 2007 and the question is, "Do you agree with Austin's reasoning that Atheism can't possibly be a belief system?" 

 on: May 08, 2009, 06:46:22 pm 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by dockster

Just browsing, and noticed your post.

I see that though the original goes back to 2007, that something prompted you to add your comment today.

I may be missing something here.

But,  is there a question inherent in this post?

Please. A note of clarification. Thank you.


 on: May 08, 2009, 02:19:04 pm 
Started by fleamailman - Last post by fleamailman
repost from "welcome new members" thread, elsewhere

the goblin welcomes the new member saying "'s all hush hush actually and I feel I can trust you here, but this site is, in fact, just a front for the "Homeland security service" and their operatives in their ongoing undercover work to root out the threat of cyber terrorism on the Internet...", the goblin paused knowing that it was all too hard to comprehend in one go, but he continued "...simply think about it, which site would you least expect a cyber attack to originate from, that is between some ultra smart nerdy eastern block country, the Taliban's site, the Nigerian spamming site, well those types of sites on the one hand, and, or, just somewhere like this site here then, where the members can, and do, manage to hit the "post" button from time to time, so that's right the members here are really sharp "Homeland security" operatives only pretending to be otherwise, very snide of them I know but in fact they're probably the best America has..."

 on: May 08, 2009, 02:15:40 pm 
Started by Fine Point - Last post by fleamailman
repost from "karma related to questioning ones faith" thread, elsewhere

the goblin thanked the poster noting that the point of the title is "how will my karma be effected if I question my faith", which admittedly is the mixing of unknowns here, that of "a tally" on the one hand, and "a judge" on the other, "...ah, but everyone knows Calvin's argument, which goes "if a potter makes a pot, and the pot leaks water, is it the fault of the pot or the potter, it's the fault of the potter isn't, so then, if God makes you, and you sin, whose fault is it"..." voiced the goblin, somehow knowing that the response of "free will", which is silly because God decides the amount of free will here, and knows the outcome too, in short, there is just nothing God doesn't know, nor anything that God can delegate to chance since God is the all knowing God, and with that the goblin added "...the other argument is the atheist's one in the picture below...", but the goblin preferred the Gnostic way where there is no tally nor judge, just a "journey to self" here

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